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We provide professional services and maintain the hosting of your databases.

FileMaker Hosting Pricelist

FileMaker Databases from version 12  (*.fmp12) for FileMaker 12 - 18.

FileMaker versions 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 /18

  Eco Standard Business (+Web1) Premium (+Web1)
Price / Month 50.- 75.- 75.- 100.-
nof DB's 4 4 2 2
Backup FTP ja ja ja ja
Webdirect - - 25.- 25.-
Storage 2GB 5GB 5GB 10GB
Server RAM 4GB 8GB 8GB 16GB
Options (monthly)
Webdirect User
FM 13 + 14
    5.-/User (FM 13)
12.-/User (FM 14)

5.-/User (FM 13)
12.-/User (FM 14)

Webdirect + FMGo
FM v 15 and greater
(User Connections)



add. DB 10.- 10.- 25.- 25.-
add. Storage2 5/10/25 5/10/25 5/10/25 5/10/25
Shared Storage3 on demand

FileMaker versions 11 + 12

The support for the product line FileMaker 15 ended by September 20 2019We encourage all customers to upgrade to FileMaker 17 or 18.

  Standard Premium (+Web1)
Price/Month 72.- 97.-
nof DB's
2 2
Backup FTP ja ja
IWP / Webdirect 25.- 25.-
Storage 5GB 10GB
Server RAM 4GB 8GB
Options (monthly)
add. Datenbank 10.- 25.-
add. Storage2 5/10/25 5/10/25
Shared Storage3 on demand

Prices in CHF exkl. VAT

1Web = includes the following services: IWP, Webdirect, FileMaker GO, CWP, XML, ODBC
2GB = 5GB = 5.-, 10 GB =10.-, 50GB = 25.-
3Data storage accessible via FTP, AFP, WebDav

License agreement from FileMaker version 15 and above

Since FileMaker version 15 only one client per server license is permitted.
Contact us in case you have questions.

Network Security with SSL

The data transmission between FileMaker Client and FMGo is encrypted with SHA-1/SHA-256.
Hint: to establish an encrypted transmission when using web access (Webdirect), the https protocol (e.f. https://fms24.filemakerserver.ch) is to be used.


Support during business hours (weekdays 8-17 h) for consistency checks, backup recovery will be charged after expenses (CHF 192.-/hour). Response time (w/o SLA): 2 - 4 hours.

In case of retrievals from the long term backup additional costs will be charged.

A 30% surcharge for support outside regular working hours, weekends and holidays (canton Zurich) will be charged. Response time: 4 - 8 hours


Availability Network: 99,999% (previous year)
Availability Systems: 99,99%* (previous year)
* Interruption of service due to planned maintenance work

Backup & FTP

The hosted databases are backed up regularly and redundantly.

At night, each clients databases are being copied as a ZIP archive to their FTP folder.

Older backups can be ordered. This service will be charged separately.

FileMaker Server Housing

You have your own server infrastructure or are planning to setup one on your own? We offer consulting in that matter and take care of its maintenance.